GCS Lego Robotics

Guardian Catholic School participates in Lego Robotics. The GCS Robotics teams are responsible for designing and programming a robot to perform designated missions This gives the students an opportunity to explore robotics and their presence in real world applications while participating in competitions. Members of the Robotics Teams exhibit responsibility, enthusiasm, cooperation, and potential leadership skills.

Robotics News

  • Both GCS Robotics teams have qualified for the Regional Championship competition on February 29, 2020  
  • GCS Metro Builders won 1st place as overall team at the EWC Tiger's Den Qualifier.
  • GCS Tech City won 3rd place as overall team  at the EWC Tiger's Den Qualifier.

  • Metro Builders has won the Champion's Award and the Global Innovation Award that qualifies them to continue in a competition that ends with a $20,000 prize.

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Our mission is to help each student attain their potential through high quality Catholic education in a Christ-centered environment that inspires each of us to think, learn, achieve, pray and serve our communities.